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  Company History
  • Nov 1951 Established Sanshin Electric Co., Ltd..
    Sep 1959 Osaka business office commenced operations (currently Osaka branch).
    Sep 1976 Established a subsidiary in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.
    Jul 1977 Established subsidiary in Hong Kong.
    Dec 1977 Established subsidiary in Singapore.
    Oct 1980 Logistics Center commenced operations (Currently Atsugi Logistics Center.)
    Dec 1988 Established subsidiary in California, U.S. A.
    Sep 1989 Nagoya Logistics Center commenced operations.
    Oct 1989 Osaka Logistics Center commenced operations.
    Apr 1992 Sendai Logistics Center commenced operations.
    Jul 1992 Established SAN TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
    May 1993 Established subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Oct 1995 Merged with NIC Co., Ltd.
    Sep 1996 Listed in 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    Aug 1997 Established subsidiary in Thailand, Bangkok.
    Sep 1998 Acquired ISO9002 accreditation for Atsugi Logistics Center.
    Sep 2000 Acquired ISO14001 accreditation for Atsugi Logistics Center.
    Nov 2001 Established S-N Media Techno Co., Ltd.
    Aug 2002 Established subsidiary in Shanghai, Republic of China.
    Nov 2002 Established Sanshin Network Co., Ltd.
    Jul 2003 Established TAKUMI Co., LTD.
    Mar 2004 Acquired ISO14001 accreditation for all domestic service offices and 4 subsidiaries in Japan.